InfoSecCast Episode 4 : SecDevOps Unveiled with Kunal Bhattacharya, SentinelOne

CyberSecurity Podcast

Today we feature Kunal Bhattacharya, Head of Application and Product Security at SentinelOne. He is a Security Executive, Organization Builder and Mentor who helps organizations build rugged Cyber defense and detection capabilities. In this episode of our podcast, we dive deep into the world of SecDevOps, exploring why it's the cornerstone of modern software development and how it transforms our approach to security. Our expert guest will discuss the integration of security into the entire development lifecycle, the 'Shift Left' strategy for early vulnerability identification, essential security tools and technologies, cultural transformations for security awareness, continuous monitoring and compliance strategies, measuring success through metrics and KPIs, integrating threat modeling for proactive security, and finally, applying SecDevOps principles in cloud-native environments.